Epilepsy and Seizures

Epilepsy and Seizures

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a typical constant condition portrayed by repetitive (somewhere around two) unwarranted seizures which are not incited by an unmistakable reason like fever, stress or absence of rest.
Epilepsy has been perceived in many societies for many years, yet has frequently been encircled by misconception, segregation and social disgrace.

What causes epilepsy?

Epilepsy isn’t infectious.
hereditary qualities – assuming a nearby relative has epilepsy, there is a higher gamble that you will have it a past filled with birth injury, mind infections(neurocysticercosis, tuberculosis, HIV, cerebral intestinal sickness, Zika infection and so forth), serious head injury, stroke or cerebrum cancer or contortion being developed of the cerebrum.

Normal signs and side effects of epilepsy

Seizures can occur in various pieces of the mind. Contingent upon what part is impacted, individuals with epilepsy will have various side effects. In the vast majority with epilepsy a similar sort of seizure happens each time, so the side effects will be comparable in each episode of seizure.

What is a seizure?

Seizures are an aftereffect of inordinate electrical releases in a gathering of synapses. Neurologist in Banaswadi They can differ from the briefest failures of consideration or muscle jerks to serious and delayed seizures, and they can fluctuate in recurrence from short of what one every year to a few every day. A solitary seizure doesn’t imply epilepsy; as numerous as 10% of individuals overall have one seizure during their lifetime.

There are two kinds of seizure, convulsive and non-convulsive:


  • Non-convulsive seizures might remember changes for mindfulness, conduct, feelings or faculties (like taste, smell, vision or hearing). Neurologist in Kasturi Nagar These side effects can be like a few psychological instabilities thus might be mistaken for them (for more data, see WHO’s factsheet on psychosis and schizophrenia, which can be downloaded for nothing from the connection toward the finish of this pamphlet).
  • Convulsive seizures highlight abrupt muscle compression, making the individual fall and falsehood inflexibly, trailed by the muscles shifting back and forth among unwinding and inflexibility, regardless of a deficiency of inside or bladder control. Convulsive seizures are related with more noteworthy shame and higher paces of disease and demise than non-convulsive seizures.